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HWA Financial Services Pty Ltd


HWA Financial Services works closely with each client to ensure outcomes consistent with their financial goals and lifestyle objectives. In a world of ever increasing complexities in the insurance, superannuation, retirement & investment planning areas, our single goal is to help our clients achieve a more prosperous future by providing sensible and easy to understand financial advice while always acting in our client’s best interests. Our professional services include:

Risk Insurances

Just the same as you insure your house or your car, the protection of your income, your wealth and your lifestyle is the most important insurance you will ever take out. All other insurances rely on your ability to pay for them and if you lose your income because of death, trauma or disability you might not be able to keep your house let alone be able to pay for house insurance.
Life insurance gives you options you may not have otherwise. This includes life insurance, disability insurance, trauma insurance & income protection.

Business Risk Insurance

Running a business is risky, and often involves putting your own finances at risk. Running a business with basic insurance is a smart way to manage the risks and reduce uncertainty.

The unexpected death or disablement of a key person or business owner can seriously risk the ongoing viability of the operation. Adequate business insurance can help to minimise this risk and protect the financial security of families and business associates.


Superannuation continues to be the most important retirement vehicle and tax effective investment for most Australians. Many people do not understand superannuation and its complex system of rules, regulations and taxation that make it all seem very confusing.

We can help you with consolidation of your superannuation or work out whether your existing superannuation fund suits your long term goals or whether there are better alternatives elsewhere, taking into account fees, investment options & returns, and how much you will need for retirement based on your goals.

Retirement Planning

(transition to retirement)

As you approach your preferred retirement age, it is important to consider transition to retirement strategies and how you should invest your savings so that you will achieve a regular income based on your retirement income goals.

Investment Planning

Investment planning focuses on identifying effective investment strategies according to an investor’s risk appetite and financial goals.

Contact us to find out how you can maximise your financial potential

Rueben Larsen DipFS
Director/Principal Adviser
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